Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blue Moon Cafe

My daughter and I ate breakfast at the Blue Moon Cafe after reading some favorable reviews online. The Blue Moon is located in Fells Point at 1621 Aliceanna St. It is a tiny place. We walked in through the open door and were greeted promptly by a young man toward the back of the restaurant who motioned toward an available table right at the window.

The decor is...well, blue. The walls are blue, there really isn't much in the way of decor, it is simple, tiny, you're not there for the funky interior decorating, face it, you are there for the Cap'n Crunch French Toast. I did notice the fresh Stargazer lilies on the tables, a nice touch. Country music was piped in and there was a 70's movie trivia question on a white board.

Our drink orders were taken right away and the menus were delivered and water was brought without having to ask for it. After "checking in" on our cell phones, we had barely had enough time to review the menus when our waitress, and I am supposing the proprietor, came over to let us know about the specials and signature dishes. She let us know about something she calls "Sweet Baby Jesus", it sounded like you might need to swing by Hopkins for an EKG afterwards just to make sure. Anyway, I knew what I was there for but my daughter chose the Caramel Apple Pancakes and a side of hash browns and a cup of coffee. I selected the Cap'n Crunch French Toast and a side of bacon.

I was brought a piping hot cup of hot water with a mug full of assorted tea bags. Nice. There was cream on the table, sugar and various sugar substitutes also. My daughter really enjoyed the coffee and she never saw the bottom of her cup. The place seemed busy but the waitress never seemed overwhelmed and really seemed to enjoy her work.

My daughter's pancakes covered her rather large plate. Her hash browns covered most of another smaller plate. My french toast was a sight to behold. This place wants you to know that their fruit is fresh, they leave the tops on the strawberries to prove it. My french toast was was topped with lots of fresh fruit, blueberries, banana, strawberries and even kiwi, whipped cream too. The bacon was perfectly crisp.

We soon realized we were very fortunate to just walk in and get a table. That was a fluke. We watched many people walk in, sign in, and then walk back out into the drizzle to happily wait for their table. Not one person decided to go elsewhere.

The bathroom is co-ed, just like at home. It was satisfactorily clean and smelled fresh too. There were plenty of supplies.

My daughter needed a box, I somehow managed to finish mine.

This was a wonderful breakfast.

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