Monday, February 11, 2008

Goodbye WYPR

OK, so I am slow. Shoot me. I only realized today that WYPR fired Marc Steiner. Marc was their only local celebrity. He was their shining star. He was the ONLY reason I listened to their station. I can get Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation and the Diane Rehm Show on any other public radio station. And I will.

I listen to a variety of stations while I am at work. I generally listen to WDNA for Frank Consola's jazz program first thing in the morning. I then would switch to WYPR to hear some of Diane Rehm and get ready to enjoy Marc Steiner's show. I occassionally emailed my opinions into the the and my last comment was read on air, the last week his show was available. Marc Steiner did not merely work at the station, he was the station. You could tell that Baltimore really means something to him, civil rights really mean something to him, preserving the character of our city means something to him. I would switch to WNYC to hear Soundcheck and generally keep it there for the rest of the afternoon since they pretty much carry the same national programing I am accustomed to.

I would sometimes listen to the station in the evening as I adore jazz. I would listen on the weekends to hear Car Talk, but no more. Marc Steiner was WYPR. How could the station be so unaware? How could they commit suicide like this? R.I.P. WYPR, you are dead to me...

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