Friday, May 2, 2008

Natty Boh

Brewer's Hill is a small neighborhood in east Baltimore. It is the home of Natty Boh. If you have ever spent time in the trendy Canton neighborhood, you have seen him. He sits atop the old National Brewery building and winks at you from time to time. The National Brewery was where National Bohemian beer was once produced. Production of the beer began at the brewery in 1934. with Natty Boh as their spokesman. The now famous slogan "Oh Boy, What a Beer" began in 1952. The beer was most popular in the 50's and 60's with popularity declining somewhat in the 70's, when the younger crowd sought out the national brands. You know how that goes, everything old is new again. Natty Boh is seen everywhere in Baltimore. It is cool and trendy to drink the beer your grandfather used to drink.

Anyway, the old brewery has been converted into a mixed use space. It actually has a 12,000 square foot green roof too. How cool is that?

There are also traditional brick and formstone two story homes in this neighborhood. The homes were built from 1915 - 1920. Some have marble steps and a few even have front porches. It is within walking distance of O'Donnell Square, the Canton waterfront, and Patterson Park, making it an ideal location for many. The neighborhood is bordered by N. Fleet St to the north and Dillon St to the south, W. Conkling St to the west and Haven St on the east.

The average sale price of a home here in 2007 was $242,695.

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