Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missing in Action

OK, so I owe you an explanation.

I have been pre-occupied.

I ran away and got married over the weekend!

I haven't been as motivated to write because of everything going on in my "real life". I am hoping things will settle down into somewhat of a routine and I will find my time and motivation to write.

Anyway, I am unsure just how much of my personal life I want to include here. I will tell you this, if you have never been to Chincoteague and/or Assateague Islands, you need to go.

We stayed at the Watson House. I don't even know where to begin in telling you that this place is so fabulous. The owners, Bob and Carol, make you feel instantly welcome. They go out of their way to make sure you are aware of everything there is to do and see on the island. They feed you so much that you will not need lunch even after a full day of paddling a canoe or trekking to the top of the Assateague lighthouse.
If you are at all interested in eloping to a quiet, romantic place like we did, contact Captain Spider. He has many suggestions on his website for locations. We found it easy and hassle-free to get a marriage license. There is no waiting period in Virginia, you can get the license and get married the same day. There is also no requirement for witnesses.
So now the task of blending families begins. I will be very busy painting bedrooms and moving furniture.
Hang in there, I won't be gone forever.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wait a minute!!!! You mean you really did get married? Did we know you were planning this? I have so many questions and I want so mnay details!!! lol

Congrats girl!!!

charmcitygirl said...

Yes, I really did get married.

No, you could not have known since I didn't mention it at all and it was planned very quickly and quietly.

And no, I am not pregnant.