Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Barre Circle

This is a gem of a neighborhood located on the west side of the city, quite near the stadium complex and not far from the inner harbor area. It is a tiny neighborhood consisting of less than 120 homes. This neighborhood is a historic district and was homesteaded in the 1980's. The houses were built between 1840 - 1890, during a time when industry was booming and houses were being quickly built to serve as homes for the laborers who were moving here. They are modest, unadorned, brick rowhomes that are 12-15 feet wide, two to three stories high.

This neighborhood is sometimes referred to as "Little Georgetown". There are interesting renovations and gardens. Some of these homes have big backyards. There are two large common areas where there are daffodils planted by the residents and where annual croquet tournaments are held.

There are many professionals who work right at University Center and live in this neighborhood. There is an active community association and it is a racially and culturally diverse area.
The average sale price of a home in this neighborhood for the year 2006 was $231,000 and there were only five sales.
Next week we will be going to Beechfield.


SSC said...

Wow, very interesting. The pictures look lovely. Have you ever visited that place?

Joe said...

You're kidding. That's very inexpensive. It looks like a great area.

charmcitygirl said...

ssc - I have driven past many times, but never had a reason to stop, since it is a tiny, residential neighborhood. I have admired it from afar. I sent my "man on the street", NJG, out to take the photos and he took the evening shot.

joe - I know, if you're from the big apple, the prices just seem ridiculous. But there are plenty of pricy neighborhoods too. The pricer ones are waterfront or close to it.