Monday, November 19, 2007

B'More Sports

What can I say? I guess all I can say is, it is good for my mental health that I had already written off this season for the Ravens, so it's not like I was still clinging to hope for a playoff spot at yesterday's game. Yes, yesterday I was actually at the game.

It was NJG's first regular season Ravens game and I wanted to give him the full experience. Well, be careful what you wish for because he sure got that. First up was tailgating. We parked far away because I don't like to pay $22.oo to park a car. But I think he would have preferred to pay since he was carrying the beer. As luck had it though, it was perfect. It was great to walk and see the trickle of purple jerseys heading in the same direction. I enjoy walking past Camden Yards and seeing the baseball diamond and remembering the games I got to go to over the summer. We could hear the Raven's Marching Band as we were walking and it was getting us excited for the game. The sound was getting closer and closer and it turns out they were marching right towards us, playing some Christmas music. We walked down the Raven's Walk toward the football stadium, crossed over the bridge and headed toward Sharp St., made a left at Ostend and found my brother's tailgate spot. Once we hit the Ravens walk we cracked open our breakfast beer (Youngs Double Chocolate Stout) and got in the proper mindset.

The game was interesting to say the least. I have never seen a ref use the excuse that there was an equipment malfunction and the play could not be reviewed. We had already seen the replay on the big screen, what was the problem? Anyway, that was nothing compared to the field goal that wasn't and then was after review, never mind that a field goal is not a reviewable play.... We had left the stadium and paused at a big screen outside to learn that the field goal was now suddenly good. We hustled back to the stadium for overtime and watched the Ravens lose it from the 50 yard line.

The highlight of the game for me was seeing Ray Lewis make a defensive touchdown, one of his many but perhaps it will be one of his last too, you never know these things.


Hotwire said...

nice post, but i long for the colts defense anchored by joe ehrmann...

charmcitygirl said...

Don't we all! Welcome and thanks for reading.

Joe said...

I used to love going to Camden Yards a few times every summer. Haven't been there in years, though.

Tough game for the Ravens, but the kick was good.

Mmmmm...Young's Chocolate Stout.

charmcitygirl said...

Camden Yards is an experience in itself. I want to go the Sports Legends museum that is there now too.

Yes, the kick was good, and there are other reasons for the loss, such as poor clock management. Someone needs to point that big thing with the numbers on it out to Coach Billick.

At least I have good beer.