Monday, November 5, 2007

B'More Sports

Well, the Ravens didn't play this weekend, they are on Monday Night Football tonight. I expect them to be completely humiliated on national TV. They never seem to do well in these situations. I hope Kelly Greg sacks Big Ben two or three times, but I expect the Ravens to lose. They just don't seem to have it this year, for whatever reason. I hope perhaps, Brian Billick will add a few more plays to the play book, or just learn when to pass (not when it's 3rd down and one). If the Ravens can pull off a win tonight in Pittsburgh, I will be hopeful that they can go to the playoffs. If not, I don't think they stand a chance. They need to win in their division. The have lost to the Bengals, who aren't even that good, and the Browns. They really need this in my humble opinion.

In other football news, the Patriots beat the Colts. Way to go. I hate the Colts and always will and that is just the way it is.

The Baltimore Blasts are now a 3-0 team after defeating the Orlando Sharks on Saturday. Go Blasts.

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