Thursday, November 15, 2007

Be There or Be Square

On the surface, it may look like there is just not much going on around Charm City this weekend. Being the weekend before what seems to be a very early Thanksgiving this year, perhaps people like myself should take this opportunity to do the grocery shopping and rest up for the days of cooking ahead. But noooo, I don't wanna miss what is going on this weekend.

Take another look, The Oranges Band and Karmella's Game are performing at Charm City Art Space 7:30 pm. OK, so I have never heard of Karmella's Game and have never been to Charm City Art Space, and the last time I heard The Oranges Band, they were missing a couple of key elements, but I still love them. I have read a little bit about about Charm City Art Space, sounds pretty cool, all ages are welcome, no smoking is allowed. So if you are into that sort of vibe, enjoy, if you are more like me then...

Head on over to the Recher Theater in Towson for the much anticipated return of Landis in The Almighty Senators. Landis had a successful kidney transplant over the summer and is now ready to perform once again. The Senators play rock/blues. Check it out. Joining the Senators is Kelly Bell Band. Always entertaining and playing what they call "Phat Blues", no white people, that is not a spelling error. Finally, also joining the party is JAH Works, reggae, mon. Well, their own special brand of reggae anyway. Doors open at 7.

Finally, on Sunday there is a Ravens game. "Ravens?" you ask, "But Charm City Girl, I thought you said they were done." You are right, they are done, but I'm not. I haven't been to a regular season game yet this season and I am not going to let a little thing like losing stop me from having a good time. The tailgating at a Ravens game is the best in the nation. Spirits might be low, but the beer bottles will be raised high as we all gab about what should and should not be done to fix this team and start dreaming about the spring draft. So, Ravens vs. Browns, be there or be square.

Suggestions from NJG:

It has been suggested that this would be a wonderful weekend to visit the farmer's market. The 32nd Street Farmers' Market is open all year, every Saturday from 7 am til noon. The Baltimore Farmers' Market is open on Sundays from 8 am til noon on Saratoga Street between Gay and Holliday (under the JFX). This market runs through December 23rd. These markets are in full swing and could be a place to find fresh fruits and veggies for a perfect Thanksgiving or even a gift for a hard to buy for person on your holiday shopping list.

Also, Automatic Slim plays Kooper's Tavern in Fells Point on Friday at 6pm for Happy Hour. They are a well known, well loved Blues band. How could I have missed it?

Thanks, NJG

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