Thursday, December 13, 2007

Be There or Be Square, Hon

This weekend seems full of interesting opportunities.

Tonight at Floristree, 405 W. Frnaklin St. - Sublime Frequencies Movie Night with Hisham Mayet. OK, I admit I really do not know what this is about and have never heard of this Floristree venue either. I don't even know what time it starts, but if I were looking for something different on a Thursday evening, this is where I would be.

Friday and Saturday night at the New Haven Lounge, Baltimore native, Lafayette Gilchrist will be performing. I have been wanting to go see him for months now but it is always one thing or another preventing me.

Saturday afternoon from 11-3 you can make your own sock monkey at AVAM. Just bring your own clean sock and the museum will provide the other materials. What could be better than that? It could be that perfect gift for that person on your list that has everything.

Sunday at noon, head down to the Walters Art Museum for a free concert by the Baltimore Choral Arts Society Chamber Chorus. You can even sing along.


NJG said...

Lafayette Gilchrest....I second that emotion!!!

Shadowdog said...

WOO HOO!! Sock monkeys! >;-P

Hotwire said...

wish i could go to the walters - i do miss it so!

charmcitygirl said...

NJG - I guess we still have a shot at it...

Shadowdog - well, forget it then, no sock monkey for you for Christmas

hotwire - no museums where you are? Funny how we miss places that we once took for granted. When I lived away I missed the smell of crabs being steamed and being called "hon"