Monday, December 3, 2007

B'More Sports

Ah yes, another reprieve, the Ravens play tonight.

Anyway, in other news, there was an exciting football game in town on Saturday. It was the 108th Army-Navy football game. The stadium was full and there was much excitement as both teams march over into the stadium. It looked like a good time. It is almost like a Navy home game, being so close to the Naval Academy.

Navy won 38 - 3. They have won the last six years in a row and 52 of the 108 contests. Army has won 49 and there have been 7 ties.

Now tonight the Patriots are favored by 19. If I were a betting girl, I'd take those points. I'd say there is no way the Pats beat the Ravens that bad, at home, in this wind. They won't be able to do it with the passing game alone unless the wind completely ides down before the game. It is seriously windy. Also, let me go on record as saying that it would not surprise me in the least if the Ravens win this game. It would be just like them to kick the Patriots butt and then lose the remainder of the season.

I'm just saying is all.


Joe said...

Stupid officials. Stupid time out. Frustrating game to watch. I can only imagine how the Ravens felt. I haven't seem them play that well in years.

charmcitygirl said...

Whne I saw the emotion on Ray Lewis' face during the moment of silence for Sean Taylor, I knew it was going to be a good effort. He has a way of harnessing emotion like that.

We are so used to poor officiating here in Baltimore that we barely take notice. It is completely ridiculous.

Of course there is no excuse for the way Bart Scott behaved. But I was very happy to see Kyle Boller perform that well. That interception was due to a receiver running the wrong route, nothing to be done about that, other than that, he was completely flawless.

Max's Taphouse in Fells Point was rocking with excitement. I am a little hoarse today just from screaming in the bar. Of course then came the quiet end, but I am still very proud. With all the injuries we have suffered this year, it has been a rough one.