Wednesday, December 19, 2007

swimmin pools? movie stars?

Yup, that's right it's Beverly Hills. I had no idea there was a Beverly Hill neighborhood in Charm City until I saw it on my neighborhood list.

Apparently, it is located on the east side, not far from Herring Run Park. The neighborhood was established in 1929. it is a quiet residential neighborhood. There is an active neighborhood association. There are approximately 275-300 homes, mostly single family homes in the English cottage or bungalow style.
The average sale price of a home in this neighborhood in 2006 was $188,830.
Next up, Biddle Street.

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Rampant Monkey said...


I've enjoyed your posts about homes around Baltimore for a while, so I thought you might enjoy this one about my bro, a carpenter living in Hampden. (the blog post is by his fiance, an artist)

My brother does timber frame construction and is just downright amazing. (Yeah, he is my bro, but all bias aside, he's incredible.) This is a home he built in Gettysburg, PA.