Monday, December 10, 2007

B'more Sports

I went to the Ravens/Colts game last night. I go to a game with my brother every year and this was my game. We got there in time to tailgate. We saw people we hadn't seen in a year or so. That, unfortunately was the highlight of CCG's evening.

There was only one "pat down" line for females where we entered the stadium so he had a lengthy wait for me. I guess they think women are too delicate to come out into the elements to see a football game.

We made our way to our seats and didn't even had a chance to get a sip of beer before we were in trouble. 21 -0 in the first quarter is pretty tough to take. Of course we were once again without either of our starting cornerbacks for whatever reason. The Colts knew how to take advantage. It started raining. It was just awful.

We did get to witness Troy Smith's first NFL touchdown as he rushed for one late in the game to at least get our score up to 20. 44-20, wet, cold, miserable.


NJG said...

Poor thing!

The Giants won...clinched a spot.

Hotwire said...

smith needs to start every game for the rest of the year. have to find out if he's the real deal or not...