Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be There or Be Square

OK, so where else will you all be this weekend besides ...the mall I guess.

Apparently the Lafayette Gilchrist concert that I said was at the New Haven Lounge last weekend is this weekend. I blame Kyle for this error. If I can get my shopping done and just skip the whole wrapping idea, maybe I can make it.

Don't forget our local shops in Baltimore. We may not have the big department stores anymore but we have some wonderful local shops in our neighborhoods and we must support these ventures before they all disappear too. Harbor East looks like it has an interesting selection of shops as does Hampden and don't forget to stop by the local diner while you are out and have a nice shopping lunch at someplace that does not have a drive up window for a change.

This just in from NJG:

Hey, need ideas for today's blog?

Lafayette Gilchrist at the Haven (for real this time)

Eddie Palmieri Trio and An Die Musik

Celtic Concert and Cake Auction at Govans Presbyterian Church, 7:30

Saturday Christmas at the Jewish Museum of Maryland

The Holiday Display at the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Garden of Baltimore

......and my favorite: Unsilent Night....this is a thing they do in NYC...didn't know it made it to Balmer: "Written by downtown NYC composer Phil Kline, Unsilent Night is an outdoor ambient music piece for an infinite number of boom boxes. Participants should meet at the south side of the Washington Monument near the Peabody Conservatory of music an 7:45 pm. All music is distributed for free. The more boom boxes there are, the more :voices: in the piece. If you do not have a boom box, you are still an important part of the procession, because the more the merrier, including children. 8 pm, Dec 21."

What would I do without NJG?


Joe said...

How come NJG never sends me ideas for posts?!?


charmcitygirl said...

He could send you great ideas for finding fun in NYC, since he lived quite close and still keeps up with what is happening there, especially the jazz scene.