Friday, December 7, 2007

Places to go, People to see

Gotta go to Hampden, Hon.

You can't properly celebrate Christmas in Baltimore without a visit to Hampden's own West 34th St. It is Miracle on 34th Street, Baltimore style. This block has been decked out in a major way for many years. This whole block gets together and coordinates the decorating. They string lights across the street. They have everything from the traditional to the bizarre.

I read a story in the newspaper a few years ago about a homeowner on the block who received the decorations that went with his house at the mortgage closing.

Not only are the streets decorated, some of these homeowners invite the public into their homes for more. You never know what you might see. There may be caroling, Santa may make an appearance.

It is wonderful, it is a grassroots effort, and it is a must see.


NJG said...

Heard about this last year when I first moved to Baltimore, but didn't make it there. Been looking forward to it all year. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you can make it there yourself.

Hotwire said...

i lived in the area for 20 years - how had i not heard of this!?!?!?!