Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All About Arcadia

First off, I am very disappointed not to be able to post a picture of Arcadia. I am tempted to start taking these photos myself. I was able to find a website for the Arcadia neighborhood association and they have lovely pictures on their site, but they are not stills and I couldn't figure out how to get one for my post. So go there and see for yourself just how lovely some of thee homes really are. I am not very familiar with this neighborhood. Of course anyone who knows CharmCityGirl personally, knows that she is from the "westside" and doesn't know as much about some of the neighborhoods on the east side.

Anyway, Arcadia seems very nice. With Most Hold Redeemer Cemetery to the east and Herring Run Park on the west, it is a nice residential city neighborhood with the feel of a suburb. There are approximately 450 period homes dating back to the 1920's, small bungalows, large four squares, a limited number of post war brick row homes. This neighborhood offers a little of everything.

Herring Run Park was voted the best city park to go for a run in the annual "best of" edition of the City Paper which just came out last week.

The Arcadia neighborhood was founded by Gottleib Heckel who moved his family to a log cabin in the area sometime during the 1880 - 1890's. He bought 19 acres and farmed it, hard to imagine it now.

This neighborhood has amenities. There is a large supermarket, some shops and restaurants. It's always a plus to have an active neighborhood association.

According to 2006 data the average home price in Arcadia was $200,792.

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