Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Charm City Girl's Review of the Week

This week I couldn't think of what I wanted to review. I made a list of sites that have been helpful to me, but none of the choices jumped out at me as what I really wanted to talk about. I wanted to review something I felt was truly useful, something that would help just about anyone. I was stumped. Then it hit me, flylady. If you are challenged in the field of "home management" I would suggest you click on the link imediately. This site could easily save your, marriage, save your sanity, or at least, save your time.

First off let me say that the first time I went to the site, I was turned off right away. The cartoonish look holds no appeal to me. I don't think it's cute, I don't think it's effective, I think it is a major turn off. Also, the home page is so ridiculously long, that is a turn off too. The site has been around for years and has not been modernized as far as format goes.

Get over it.

This site is a wonderful resource for people who truly want to have order in their home but have no idea where to begin. It is completely free. The site will walk you through cleaning your home, one baby step at a time. The site offers tools to help you along the way, but the most basic tool you likley already own, a kitchen timer. You can opt to have reminder emails sent to your inbox. Beware, they send out alot throughout the day. Or you can opt for a condensed version. There are success stories that offer hope.

There is also instruction on how to organize your household information into a "control journal" so that you never hunt for that important address, telephone number, medical information, etc.

There is also an emphasis on fitness. They update the site with new ideas all the time. I have known about the site for quite a while and this morning I noticed some new information that I hadn't noticed last time I was there. I recommended the site to a woman from my church who said that the site pretty much transformed the way she keeps her house. Her house is cleaner and more organzied than ever and in less time than ever. What more could you want?

The funny part to all this is, I haven't been able to really use it since I found out about it! I didn't know about this system when I was living independently and I don't feel comfortable trying to get my mother to change. Someday.

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Just A Girl said...

I checked this site out a year ago and didn't really think it would fit into my life. But I've noticed over time, some of the things that I have read on the site have become a normal part of my own life without really even trying.