Monday, September 17, 2007

B'more Sports

Ravens defeated the Jets on a beautiful fall weather day for the home opener of the season. The final score was 20 - 13. It was closer than it looks. If not for Ray Lewis making his 24th career intercetption, the game would have gone into overtime. I am not a stats girl, but it seems to me that Ray has alot of interceptions for a middle linebacker. Both teams were relying on their back up quarterbacks to get the job done and neither one disappointed yesterday. I, for one, was happy to see Kyle do a good job. His arm is unbelieveably strong and even better, he just seems like a nice kid. He has taken alot of slack from Baltimore fans.

The Orioles also defeated the Blue Jays in extra innings yesterday. I really have no details other than that becuase in Baltimore, it is football season.

I also watched the Yankees defeat the Red Sox. It was the ESPN game last night, after the Ravens game. Of course, NJG is a Yankee fan, so I have a partial interest. Anyway, the Yankees made it past the Red Sox, so all will be right in my world. I must admit, it was the bottom of the 9th, that hot shot closer for the Yankees had the bases loaded, and someone they were calling "Poppy"? was coming up to bat. That was when I fell asleep, but I must assume Poppy went down swinging or something. I am sure I will hear all about it, all I know is I woke up on the couch and it was 12:30 am.

Oh, one final note, I have opted out of all fantasy football this year in an effort to be a little less obsessed with the game. But I have been participating in a weekly pick 5 against the spread contest on the Ravens message board. This week I have 2 winners, last week I picked 3. I don't think I am in any danger of winning any prizes. So I am 5 - 5 so far, better average than the O's anyway.

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