Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Reads - This is a story about the Amish who forgave the man who killed the Amish children at a school last year. They even reached out to the man's family. It is a good example of what forgiveness truly is and is not. - having worked in the banking industry for many years, I find it hard to believe this guy wasn't in on the plot. How did the "bad guys" know where he lived? Did they break into his house in the middle of the night? It just seems fishy to me. - anyone else think this is a poor idea? So they are going to dump poison into the lake to get rid of one species. It will kill everything with gills, but never mind that, they will just re-stock the lake with the desireable fish once the "bad" fish are gone. Then they will have everything just the way they like it, just the way it was. Keep dreaming. They don't even know how the pike got into the lake in the first place. They have tried to get rid of them once before and failed. Is anyone concerned about dumping poison into lakes anymore or is it just me? - a republican governor would never get away with this in MD. Mayor, er, I mean Governor O'Malley, is planning to cut education because MD just doesn't have enough money to fund something as frivolous as education. People, this state has some of the worst public schools I have ever seen. It's not like they are talking about cutting out special programs like introduction to basket weaving or something. My daughters once attended a school that had only a few textbooks for the class to share. They never had homework because there was no book to bring home. Now, when O'Malley was the mayor of Baltimore he would have blasted the republican governor if he ever suggested cutting education like this. No one in this state seems upset with O'Malley suggesting it. He must have a good enough reason because he is a democrat and that makes it OK. It's not OK. It's not OK for children not to be educated. - So glad to have my Nokia. I wouldn't buy one of these phones anyway. I would not buy a phone that I had to send away for service just to replace the battery. I know, there is an Apple store near me so I would be lucky. But what about all the people who are not fortunate enough to have a store near them? I also just don't like the idea of the phone maker telling me where I have to have my service. It just seems un American to me. - male contraception. I have to admit, my first got reaction was,"What man is going to use that?" But when I think about it, maybe there are men out there who don't want to take the chance of having unwanted children. Maybe they don't want to risk having a child they will not be able to raise. Or maybe they just don't want to be stuck paying child support. Whatever, more choices are always good.

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