Monday, October 1, 2007

B more Sports

A great weekend for Terps fans. The MD Terps pulled off a win against 10th ranked Rutgers on Saturday. The Terps' backup quarterback led them to the victory. Terps won 34 - 24. Fear the Turtle.

The Orioles finished their season with a series against the Yankees. Yes, we had tickets to all three games and didn't go to one of them. I guess I am just glad not to be a Mets fan. These jokers led their division all year long and then, with a 7 game lead and only 17 games to be played, they blow it. I was listening to NPR, they said a couple of Mets fans were overheard talking about it and one of them said, "It makes you feel stupid for being happy for six months." Seems like a NY thing to say.

OK, on to the lowly Ravens. They stunk it up in Cleveland yesterday. I watched it somewhat. It was too painful to sit and watch every moment of it. I was getting some cleaning done too. But from what I saw, there is no heart, there is no synergy. This should have been an easy win for the Ravens. Now they have lost the two games against division rivals that they have played so far. This is not good. This means that The Ravens are behind the Browns in the standings even though they are both 2 and 2. This is the kind of thing that comes back to haunt you later in the season when they are determining who gets in as a wild card team. At this point I have to say that the Ravens will be damned lucky if that is even a possibility. They barely pulled off a win at home against the Cardinals last week and now this. I can't figure out why the Ravens have completely abandoned the running game. That has been Ravens football for years.

Oh well, congratulations to the Browns and to the Yankees. I am a Yankees fan for the post season play. Got Melky?

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