Thursday, October 4, 2007

Be There or Be Square, Hon

OK, here it is, the granddaddy of them all, the Fells Point Fun Festival. This festival is in its 41st year. It began as a small neighborhood effort to raise money to save the historic gem of a neighborhood from having a highway built right through it. It is hard to imagine that anyone would think that was a good idea today.

There is something for everyone at this festival. There are three or four stages with bands and ethnic music. There is food galore. There are vendors along every street. There are kids activities. This is what I hear anyway. I must confess that I go every year with the intention of taking in the entire event. I start at the Harvest Garden. This is the micro-brew beer garden with the jazz/blues/reggae stage. I seem to meet up with the same crew there every year with no advance planning. I don't know how that happens. Must be an aligning of the planets. Anyway, I never leave the garden. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the whole thing.

The Ravens are out of town, in San Francisco. The Orioles are done. And nothing else that might be going on could compare to Fells Point, so that is it for this weeks installment.

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