Friday, October 19, 2007

Places to go, people to see

Another new feature for my blog! This one is going to be about places you can always visit in Baltimore. I do upcoming events on Thursday but that leaves out so many other choices. This is going to start out very eclectic and evolve as we go.

So first up has to be the Club 4100. With all the wonderful, popular places to go in downtown and all the really "hip" neighborhoods in town, why in the world would I direct anyone in the direction of the 4100? Because the place is special to me and to many other people from around here and because the current longtime owners are selling the business and there is no guarantee it will remain as wonderful as it is.

The restaurant is in a quiet, residential neighborhood. It is easy to see that it was once a single family home. There is a neighborhood bar and a separate dining room. There is also a private banquet facility in the back.

The dining room features tables with white table cloths. The menus are the same as they have always been. Each time I go I wonder who touched my menu before me. Was it my grandmother? Was is one of the local sports legends who have been regular customers throughout the years? Check out the art on the walls. Is that an oil painting of Brooks Robinson? Johnny U?

The food is more than reasonably priced and what I would call a traditional American menu with a tough of Greek. The Greek meatballs with sharp cheese are a good appetizer choice. The Maryland Crab soup is excellent and the Greek Salad, well, the owners are Greek, they know what they are doing. They offer all the standards, steaks, poultry, chops, seafood. It is all good. The Maryland Crab Imperial is recommended.

The bar side is where the action is. Well, it's quiet action. This is the neighborhood bar where you will see the same people most of the time. There has never been a fight at the Club 4100. But look at the walls. They are covered in Baltimore Sports history, especially Baltimore Colts history, and especially Johnny Unitas history. Johnny Unitas was a regular at the Club and was treated as such. That was just the way he liked it. When you leave be sure to look in the sidewalk for a set of hand prints. They belong to those legendary hands of Johnny U.

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