Monday, October 29, 2007

B'more Sports

Ok, so the Ravens had a bye week and not even they can screw that up. Unfortunately, the Browns and the Steelers both won, so the pressure is on for next week. I don't expect the Ravens to really do anything for the rest of the season. I think they are done.

The Orioles fired Andy Etchebarren who was the 3 year coach of the Aberdeen Ironbirds and had spent most of his 45 year career with the Orioles organization. Way to go. Why don't you just throw Boog Powell and his BBQ stand out of Oriole Park while you're at it.

A-Rod is a free agent. I don't think anyone dares to dream that he would come here to play, but I sure would love to see it. I think he would like playing in Baltimore and enjoy being appreciated. But he will most likely move on to the Red Sox, who just won the World Series in a four game sweep (yawn) of the Colorado Rockies. Who didn't see that coming?

The Baltimore Blasts defeated the Milwaukee Wave (do they surf there?) 13-8 in Baltimore on Saturday. This makes them 2-0 for the season so far. Way to go Blasts.

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