Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Charm City Girl's Review of the Week

OK, you can tell what is on my mind this week. Today I am telling you about http://www.fitday.com/ I have used Weight Watchers in the past and followed their online program and it worked. That was about five years ago. Then I had another child and there is no excuse, she is now three, and I need some help.

So I re-joined weight watchers in February, and did OK for a little while and fell off the wagon. They must know that I have now gained most of that 10 pounds back because they have been sending me "come back" emails weekly. I thought about it. But the cheap side of me just won't part with $16.00 a month to get something I may be able to find elsewhere.

So I started looking. I discovered fitday and joined yesterday, so I probably shouldn't be reviewing it so soon, but hey, I had nothing else. On fitday you can customize your own goals for dieting and fitness etc. You enter your current stats and decide how much you want to lose (like 30 pounds) and then you choose what you consider to be a reasonable target date (like Valentines Day because it is easy to remember and far enough away that losing 30 pounds seems doable). Then you enter everything you put in your mouth, like the little cupcake sized cheesecake that was left in the office fridge from the cookout on Friday. Yes, that was yesterday's breakfast! So I entered it into the program and gave a big sigh when I saw just how bad it was. Fit day will break down the fat, carbs and protein in a pie chart (did someone say pie). Mine looks like a peace sign but the smallest part is not fat, like it probably should be, it's protein. Anyway there is also a section to enter your activity. I haven't gone that far. There are reports and graphs and you can customize food if you don't find what you want in their data base.

The best part, it's free!! They do offer a program you can buy if you want the convenience of not having to be online and a few extra bells and whistles.

If you want to keep track of my progess here is a link http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=charmcitydieter

I know, I am such a public private person.

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