Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Born in Baltimore

A new feature to keep this blog more in line with the Charm City theme...

John Astin was born in Baltimore on March 30, 1930. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1952 where he studied mathematics.

Mr. Astin began his career doing commercial voice overs. He got his big break in 1961 with a small but memorable role in West Side Story. He has had many roles over the years but he is best known as Gomez Addams, the patriarch of The Addams Family which ran from 1964 - 1966. Although it ran for only two years, The Addams Family can still be found on TV and is a favorite of my ten year old son.

John Astin still performs in a one man show about Edgar Allen Poe. He also teaches method acting at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.


Bonnie Vent said...


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Addams Family Publicity Tour

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Bonnie Vent
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